Exploring Hamas's Fundraising Activities | Kharon The Kharon Brief

Exploring Hamas's Fundraising Activities

July 21, 2021

Hamas continues to raise, move, and transfer funds through a global networks of supporters despite years of pressure under international sanctions. In the wake of the most recent Hamas-Israel conflict, global institutions must remain vigilant to the risk presented by Hamas’s fundraising capabilities and innovation.
Join Kharon, Simon Buckett, Director, Integrated Intelligence and Investigations at Standard Chartered Bank, and Matthew Levitt, Director, Jeanette and Eli Reinhard Program program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy for an in-depth discussion on Hamas’s continued fundraising methods. The session highlights how a global bank’s investigation uncovered financial activity associated with Hamas supporters and fundraising efforts.


Simon Buckett

Director - Integrated Intelligence and Investigations

Standard Chartered Bank

Matthew Levitt

Director - Jeanette and Eli Reinhard Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence

Washington Institute for Near East Policy