Kharon's Military End Use/User Data + Technology Solutions

June 30, 2021

Join Kharon for a session dedicated to learning how to identify Military End User (MEU) risk in China, Russia, Venezuela, and Myanmar.

Complex global supply chains, along with the fusion of civil and military entities and activities, create uncertainty that requires effective risk management solutions to navigate this complicated landscape. Kharon’s MEU offering addresses Military End Use and Military End User export control rules covering China, Russia, Venezuela, and Myanmar.

The session begins with Hank Corscadden, Trade Counsel to Microsoft, discussing regulatory expectations and compliance challenges associated with the MEU Rule. Following, Kharon’s experts provide an overview of Kharon's MEU offerings and how compliance programs can use Kharon’s MEU Plus watchlist and MEU-related data. Real-world case studies are presented to highlight the dynamic nature of MEU risk exposure


Hank Corscadden
Global Trade Counsel and Director Government Compliance Programs

Kit Conklin
Director - Global Client Engagement

Ben Davis
Chief Research Officer

Bhavna Koli
Client Services Associate

Joshua Shrager
Senior Vice President