EU Sanctions Eight Officials Enforcing Russian Law in Annexed Crimea

The State Council of Crimea, in Simferopol. (Source: Shutterstock)

By Samuel Rubenfeld

Monday, October 11, 2021

The European Union on Monday sanctioned eight judges, prosecutors and security officers responsible for enforcing Russian law in the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

The officials have taken biased decisions in politically motivated cases, and prosecuted or oppressed opponents of Russia’s annexation, the EU said in a statement. EU sanctions regarding Ukraine’s territorial integrity as of Monday apply to a total of 185 people and 48 entities, the bloc said. Designated parties' assets are frozen and individuals can’t enter the EU.

The sanctions come as the EU holds a summit this week with Ukraine in Kyiv. The EU is  considering an agreement with Ukraine on a common aviation area and the provision of a military training mission amid lingering tensions with Russia, according to media reports. 

Andrey Nikolaevich Dolgopolov, Mikhail Nikolaevich Belousov, Viktor Anatolyevich Mozhelianskiy and Galina Vladimirovna Redko, all of whom serve as judges in Crimea, “took multiple biased decisions in politically motivated cases against opponents of the illegal annexation,” according to the EU.

Vladimir Nikolaevich Terentev, the head of the main investigation department for Russian authorities in Crimea and Sevastopol, oversaw his agency’s activities in making the politically motivated cases, according to the EU. Magomed Farmanovich Magomedov, a special cases investigator in Crimea, has been involved in criminal investigations against leaders of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, who have been targeted for opposing the annexation, the EU said.  

Leonid Vladimirovich Mikhailiuk, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) in Crimea and of a regional anti-terrorism commmittee, led the intensification of an oppression campaign against anti-annexation demonstrators, according to the EU. Some of the pro-Ukrainian activists detained by the FSB units under Mikhailiuk’s command were forcibly transferred to Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don in Russia, according to the EU.

Yevgeniy Sergeevich Kopikov, a military prosecutor in Rostov-on-Don, filed charges with a Russian court against the Ukrainians who had been moved from Crimea, the EU said.

The latest EU designations also came as the bloc extended its measures against Nicaragua and  chemical weapons proliferation for a year, or until mid-October 2022. Two Russian nationals are on the EU list of chemical weapons proliferators, the Russian outlet TASS noted. Ukraine separately sanctioned 95 Ukrainian and Russian citizens last week over their connections to a parliamentary election held by Russia last month in Crimea.

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