January 22, 2019

Global Networks of Vessels Shipping Oil to Syria




The Venice and Maestro vessels, named in a November 2018 US advisory for delivering petroleum to Syria since 2016, caught fire near Crimea on January 21, 2019 while one of the vessels was transferring fuel to the other.

The Venice is owned and operated by Anguilla-registered Milano Shipping Ltd, while the Maestro is owned and operated by another Anguilla-domiciled firm, Maestro Shipping Ltd. Maestro (formerly known as Green Light) was sanctioned by the US in August 2015 for its involvement in petroleum shipments to Syria.

These vessels, as well as others named in the advisory, are part of maritime commercial networks that span from Crimea to Europe, West Africa and beyond. The US advisory, issued by the Departments of State and the Treasury as well as the Coast Guard, warned the maritime sector of the “significant US sanctions risks for parties involved in petroleum shipments to Syria.”

Kharon research

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