November 08, 2018

Hizballah Facilitator’s Holdings Include Lebanese Sports Team

On October 4, 2018, the US Department of the Treasury sanctioned Muhammad ‘Abdallah al-Amin for “providing material support to Hizballah insider and financier Adham Husayn Tabaja.” The designation marked the highest number of Hizballah-related designations by the US government in a single year.

According to the designation statement, al-Amin “conceals funds for Tabaja, and Tabaja has held a significant amount of funds in al-Amin’s name at a Lebanese bank.” 

Al-Amin has also served as a liaison between Tabaja and banking officials and has assisted Tabaja in circumventing the impact of sanctions,” the US Treasury added. 

The US also sanctioned Lebanon-based Sierra Gas S.A.L. OffshoreLama Foods S.A.R.L.Lama Foods International Offshore S.A.L.Impulse S.A.R.L.Impulse International S.A.L. OffshoreM. Marine S.A.L. Offshore, and Thaingui S.A.L. Offshore for being majority owned by al-Amin

The designation statement noted that “these companies should not be viewed as an exhaustive list of companies owned or controlled by al-Amin.” Lebanese corporate records show that al-Amin’s other corporate holdings include AM Group S.A.R.L, Aya SAL Off Shore, M A M SAL Off Shore, Hoops, M M M S.A.R.L., and Maya Alamin the Difference is in the Details S.A.R.L. 

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