March 29, 2019

Leadership of Canada-Based Cuban Front Company Owns and Manages Related Firms

By Daniel Harris

Top officials at a Canadian company blacklisted by the U.S. for Cuba-related sanctions since the 1980s manage, direct and own other Canadian businesses, according to corporate records.

Quebec-based Galax Inc. was sanctioned in November 1986 as a “front organization” for the Cuban government, according to the U.S. The company supplies “agrifood, medical supplies, surplus equipment and spare parts” to Latin American, Caribbean and international clients. Galax Inc. is described as an “International Trade and Development” firm on its corporate LinkedIn profile.

Nicole Levert, the administrator and director of Galax Inc., owns and manages Quebec-domiciled Oxygéne Immobiliers Inc., according to corporate records.

Daniel Solomon, the secretary and director of Galax Inc., is also the secretary of 2904977 Canada Inc., a travel agency controlled by the Cuban government, according to a U.S. designation statement in 2004. Solomon serves as the secretary of 2924072 Canada Inc., a Quebec-domiciled company which shares an address and leadership with 2904977 Canada, Inc. Both 2904977 Canada, Inc. and 2924072 Canada Inc. are majority owned by Panama-domiciled Corporacion Azov SA.

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