February 27, 2019

Major Iranian Automotive Firms Partner with Asian Car Manufacturers

Bahman Group offers a Haval SUV for test drives. (image via the Bahman Group website)

Bahman Group has conducted business with several car manufacturers in China and Japan, as many European companies have pulled out of Iran due to renewed US restrictions on the country’s auto industry following the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. Bahman Group, publicly traded on the Tehran stock exchange, was sanctioned in October 2018 for providing support to an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-affiliated investment company.

Bahman Group and its subsidiaries maintain partnerships with major Chinese auto firms, including FAW Group Corporation and Great Wall Motors, according to company websites and media reporting.

A majority-owned Bahman Group subsidiary, Bahman Diesel, is a distributor for Japan-domiciled Isuzu Motors, according to the Isuzu Motors website.