Drug Kingpin & Transnational Crime
December 03, 2018

Mexican Cartel-linked Politician to Oversee Federal Funding in Jalisco


  • Carlos Lomeli Bolaños’s new government position grants him control over federal spending in Mexico’s Jalisco state.
  • Lomeli Bolaños was sanctioned in 2008 for facilitating the Amezcua Contreras drug trafficking organization and then delisted in 2012.
  • Lomeli Bolaños’s commercial holdings in the Jalisco state include firms owned by cartel-related actors.


A Mexican politician previously sanctioned for facilitating a methamphetamine trafficking organization will soon take up duties in an influential Mexican government post with oversight of government funds.

Carlos Lomeli Bolaños will become the State of Jalisco’s Coordinator for Development Programs following President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s inauguration on December 1, 2018. Lomeli Bolaños’s office allows him to control federal funds spent in the Mexican state.

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